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Limited No-Clog Gutter System Warranty

GutterShutter™ guarantees the gutter system will not clog for as long as the Buyer owns the property listed above. This warranty is transferable. The GutterShutter™ system will remain free flowing, providing the GutterShutter™ gutter and downspout are not externally damaged so as to impede the surface tension adhesion and/or internal flow of roof rain water. In the unlikely event the GutterShutter™ gutter downspout are no longer free flowing (i.e., clogged), GutterShutter™, at its sole option, will either unclog or replace the impeded GutterShutter™ gutter or downspout section at no charge. This warranty is subject to the use of the 3" x 4" downspouts as part of the gutter system. If downspouts of a smaller size are utillized, GutterShutter™ makes no claim as to the performance or ability of the GutterShutter™ gutter system to remain clog free. GutterShutter™ shall have no obligation pursuant to this warranty until all bills for installation, supplies and service in connection with the gutter system covered by this warranty have been paid in full. This warranty applies to the GutterShutter™ gutter system only and does not apply to an underground drain. This warranty does not cover consequential or additional damages which may be caused by a clog and Buyer and GutterShutter™ specifically agree that the GutterShutter™ Company shall not be responsible for any such damages. This warranty does not cover leaves, debris, or any discarded foliage sticking to the hood of the GutterShutter™ gutter.
Performance Warranty
We honor all manufacturers' warranties (See GutterShutter™ Company Warranty for Lifetime Transferrable Performance Warranty and 20 Year Transferrable Material Warranty). Our gutter systems are guaranteed for 20 Years against cracking, chipping, blistering, pulling away from fascia board, or peeling. Labor/installation is warranted for 1 Year from the date of completion with full payment received. Installation shall be done in accordance with standard, reasonable, and customary trade practices. Customer may contract for custom or non- standard installation at an additiaon cose, but custom or non- standard installation will not be subject to our Labor/installation warranty. All Service Calls Not Covered By Warranty will be charged $89.60 per hour (with a minimum of 1 hour) PLUS material cost (i.e., when gutter is clogged and cleanout is needed). This does not apply to complete GutterShutter™ Systems.

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