America's Finest Clog-Free Rain
Gutter System Available EVER!
Press Release
JULY 2003
San Carlos, CA

"America's Finest Leaf and Debris Shredding System" -- more self-promoting hype or the truth? The GutterShutter™ Company, headquartered in San Carlos, CA has introduced what many are calling the new standard in the ever-expanding leaf and debris market. The industry has been dominated up until now by systems which go over an existing gutter and attach to the roof or under the shingles. There are also one-piece systems. All of the older-style systems have much in common. Primarily, all systems are made of aluminum, generally as thin as 0.022 or 0.027 coil stock. The GutterShutter™ system utilizes a much thicker gauge aluminum, which is 0.032 coil stock. We feel your gutters shouldn't dent when you place a ladder against them. There are several other major differences. The most glaring difference is the mounting system that the GutterShutter™ Company uses. It is called the "GutterStud", a 100% nylon bracket that mounts inside the highback trough of the gutter; it strenghtens and completely supports the hood and trough. Three-inch screws go directly through the injection-molded bracket into the fascia board of the home. This is part of an exclusive five-point mounting system designed to offer the most securely-fastened leaf and debris system on the market today.

Mark Lavine brought the technology to California in July 2003, and describes the system as "complete and worry-free". Mr. Lavine goes on to mention that it is hardly an original concept. According to Mr. Lavine, many companies in the leaf and debris industry have made various claims as to being the "original" or "first" system on the market. The real truth is something far different. Mr. Lavine explained that the original patent is almost 100 years old, dating back to November 1906, by a man named George Cassen of Hamel, IL. He patented the design, which is very similar to what is made today, under the name of "Eaves Trough". Mr. Lavine goes on to say, "Mr. Cassen deserves all the credit for the concept we know today. It was a brilliant original design. Our company, the GutterShutterâ„¢ Company, didn't invent the leaf and debris system, we made it much better. So good, in fact, potential dealers from around the world are flocking to the WEBsite ( and inquiring about an exclusive dealership in the area."

Mr. Lavine describes his dealer network program as even better than his superior leaf and debris product. According to Mr. Lavine, his program guarantees the success of his dealers through a system of marketing, sales, installation, and accounting. Mr. Lavine also operates a "model" dealership in the San Francisco Bay Area market, exceeding monthly sales goals month after month and ending up with a 25% net profit, which is great. "I wanted to create a master dealership, upon which all dealers could model to ensure their success."

Mr. Lavine goes on to say, "I consider all types of companies for my dealer network program, both large and small. I am most interested in the owner of the dealership. Running a successful GutterShutter™ dealership requires a person willing to utilize the many resources that we offer in the way of training and management techniques. I give my dealers many tools to ensure their success, from professionally-designed in-home demo kits to state-of-the-art selling presentations." One of the amazing aspects of the GutterShutter™ dealer program is the fact that Mr. Lavine does not sell the dealerships at all. They license existing companies to sell their product. Each dealer is offered an "exclusive area". Mr. Lavine goes on to say that he does not charge for training sessions either. "We are retailers," says Mr. Lavine. "We just happen to have the best system on the market."
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