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Questions about our Clog-Free Gutters

Q: What are the benefits of a GutterShutter™ system?
  1. You never have to clean your gutter again, guaranteed.
  2. Our gutter system will never clog (lifetime guarantee). The warranty is transferable upon sale of the property.
  3. Seamless custom application for every home (seamless = no leaky seams).
  4. Your choice of sixteen (16) beautiful colors. The system can also be made in copper. You will never need to paint your gutters.
  5. The GutterShutter™ system attaches directly to the rafter tails or fascia board of the house. Conventional gutters attach to the roof, which often causes leaks in the roof. Our system will not cause roof leaks.
  6. Works with all roof types: laminated shingle, wood shake, wood shingle, tile, metal... Also works with all roof pitches.
  7. We use only premium-grade 0.032 gauge aluminum, which is double the thickness and strength of conventional rain gutters.
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Q: How does the system work?
The system works on the physical principle of water tension. If you hold the lip of a drinking glass under a running tap, the water will follow the contours of the glass, even changing the direction of flow. Water curves around the hood of a GutterShutter™ and flows into the gutter portion, while leaves and debris flow over and off, never clogging the system.
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Q: How is the GutterShutter™ system installed?
  1. We remove your old gutters and down-spouts and throw away all debris.
  2. We custom-make a premium aluminum seamless gutter system right there in front of your home.
  3. We attach our gutter studs every 24" to either the rafter tails or fascia boards of the building. Installing the gutter studs every 24" makes the system ideal for heavy loads like ice and snow.
  4. Our hoods are then anchored to the gutter studs (again every 24"), making it impossible for the hood to ever be blown off or to separate from the system (ideal for high wind areas).
  5. Our elbows all curve, allowing water to flow freely and not collect at angle points.
  6. You now have a premiere gutter system that is virtually maintenance-free. The GutterShutter™ system creates a crown molding look, giving your property enhanced curb appeal.
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Q: How many colors does the GutterShutter™ system come in?
A: You have a choice of sixteen (16) beautiful colors. The system can also be made in copper. Visit the Design Center to sample the color selections.
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Q: How can I become a GutterShutter™ dealer?
A: You can go to the Dealer Program page and complete the required information, and we will contact you, or you can contact us at 650.365.9500.

Dealerships are assigned on a first-come basis, with exclusive territories throughout California. There are no dealership, franchise, or royalty fees involved in our program.
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